EXCITER vocalist Kenny “Metal Mouth” Winter issued the following statement regarding the Band’s current status:

“OK, EXCITER fans! Exciter as you’ve known it since 2006 is no more. But do not fret, folks. Big news coming down the pipeline from (guitarist) John Ricci very soon. I will be back with a new project currently in the works. I thank you for all of your support over the last 7 years, I love you! Thank you for standing by us.

To all of our detractors. I love you too! And I hope to win you over with new music in the near future. But my deepest gratitude goes out to John Ricci, Rik Charron and Rob “Clammy” Cohen for the incredible memories and the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people around the world. My stats – a brief overview after you’ve checked everything for the day, you might need to check out the settings to make is there an app to spy on text messages a few tweaks. yes, that means you! Thrash and Smash. “


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