Our next interview is with Amanda Kiernan, a Canadian female voice leading two Canadian bands; The Order of Chaos and Into Eternity. Amanda has been in “The Order of Chaos” since 2006 and released two albums and an EP with them. She became a part of “Into Eternity” in 2013 after Stu Block has left to join Iced Earth. Personally, i love both bands and i think both bands are a “should have been bigger” case and they carry a perfect potential to grow.


HS – You must be very busy by being the front woman of two bands at the same time. What are the plans for both bands? An album is expected from Into Eternity after a long break. Also, The Order of Chaos has released an EP in 2012, will it be followed by a full length soon?

AK – Both bands are working on albums. The Order of Chaos 3rd album… And Into Eternity 6th album! They will be released within this year… Closer to 2015! We are taking our time with the albums, not rushing things. I am very honored and thankful to be working with such amazing talented musicians and I cannot wait to show these albums to the world! The Order of chaos will probably release the album with hopefully a music video in the late year! Maybe playing a few shows but just laying low focusing on the album. Into Eternity will probably release the album hopefully soon, it is finished and ready to go! Possibly get a music video out and get back on the road!

HS – How did you join Into Eternity? Did you have contact with the guys before?

AK – Into Eternity was my favorite band at 17! But I had no contact with the band, until my good friend Bryan Newbury became the new drummer 3 years ago or so. When I found out they were looking for a vocalist it wasn’t a thought! I reacted right away and grabbed the phone calling Bryan asking him for an audition. And it just fell into place so perfectly from there.

HS – It is not very usual for a band, especially considering the music style, to replace a male vocalist with a female voice. Were you confident from the beginning, did you have concerns? Also, how did rest of the Band (Into Eternity) react?

AK – Getting into this was like a dream. It all went too well! Yes I was very nervous! And I had many concerns but for some reason at the time I was so full of excitement that I almost convinced myself I could do it! The Order of Chaos is a different style of metal all together so I had to learn a lot of new things with Into Eternity, getting help from Stu Block has been huge inspiration and help! I am still learning new things every day. I have become a more powerful vocalist reaching heights I never thought possible! My confidence has been a big issue for a long time but now I can turn it on when I have to. It’s not conceited, you must believe in yourself! Your mind is so powerful it can even affect the way you perform! The second I met IE it was love at first sight! We all hit it off as if we’ve known each other forever… we all get along too well, we are family soul mates it all just feels meant to be everything just works and falls into place so perfectly. They have been so good to me and I am honored to see them react so excited and amazed! I am so thankful to be a part of that!

HS – And also, the fans? How was the reaction in the live shows of Into Eternity?

AK – The fans have been unbelievable! Reacting very well to live performance! As an IE fan myself I feel very connected to them we don’t make fans we make lifelong friends. Most people are very skeptical of me and it is completely understandable I would feel the same way! I have before with the lineup change from Chris crawl to Stu! Some people can be pretty cruel on the Internet but all is good :) everyone has their own opinions and style. You can’t please everyone! And I want to see IE keep rockin and it’s a dream come true that I got the chance to help keep this band alive! If any fan got the chance to do this…you would. How could I say no! How could I not go through with this! I love all of IE fans! They are so loyal and amazing! After they see me live I am overwhelmed with great feedback :) and I cannot wait to meet more and create more unforgettable memories!


HS – How is the relation with both bands, do you have close contacts? How did …Chaos crew react to your involvement in another band?

AK – Both bands are great! I communicate every single detail with each person so there is no confusion! I am able to learn so much from both bands! The Order of Chaos have been supportive through this process. It is a big change for me to get use to but everyone has been such great help! I think I’ve finally found my voice for The Order of Chaos after all these years and I think they are starting to see that and are proud of me :) we have come a long way together they have brought me where I am today I could not live without The Order…

HS – Where do you see yourself 5 or 10 years from now. I am very happy to be able to host you in Istanbul back in 2012 and knowing you and the rest of the Band. I strongly believe and wish that you could become a significant figure in metal scene…

AK – I don’t know how to answer this question without sounding conceited! Haha! Because my goal for the next 5-10 yrs is to tour the world with my bands play everywhere and meet everyone I can! I want to spread my love through song to the world and create happiness! I just wanna Rock! Haha! A special place in my heart for Istanbul! I will be back there again! Most amazing memories thank you!!! Thank you!!


 HS – What were you doing before you joined The Order of Chaos? Can you tell us about the first days, how did you come together?

AK – Before Chaos? Doesn’t even seem like that exists! It’s been 9 years! I guess I was just graduated! Playing my acoustic guitar! Being a dumb teenager haha definitely still loving music! Under age sneaking into metal shows! My Sister Jenna Kiernan (JKiernan Photography) lol ! was dating this guy Timothy Prevost (Order Drummer) I was in High school at the time! He was the reason Jenna and I got into metal! Timothy was the one who actually put a Buried in Oblivion IE cd in my hand at 16! Took me to metal shows and snuck me into his ‘Quietus’ metal shows! One day my sister heard Timothy was in a new band and referred me! I said I could do it! Knowing very well I did not sing metal.. But somehow I pulled it off and got the audition! After that was history! We’ve been together ever since! Been a crazy ride! And can’t wait to see what happens next!

HS – Is Canada a disadvantage in being widely known? May be, it is seen from here like this, but generally the interest seems to be low for Canadian bands in the US..?

AK – Canada is great! It’s just hard to get exposed! I’m sure there are way easier places to be to know the right people! But that’s what touring is about! Getting out there! Getting yourself known’ making friends and memories!

HS – Do you plan any European tour for any of your bands?

AK – We are extremely excited to get back to Europe! That place changed The Order as a band. We go through our booking agent Anett from Red Lion! They have been so good to us! Can’t wait to see what’s next! Every place is just unreal to play! No matter where no matter how many people in the crowd! It’s always a great time! I did notice Europeans are very passionate of their metal! They buy all your merch! Get pictures and autographs! So it makes you feel pretty cool… overwhelmed with the hospitality!

 HS – You have toured both in US, Canada and Europe, how do you compare the audience?

AK – All places were so hospitable we were so thankful for each of those crazy amazing tours! I noticed Canadians love their moshing lol unlike Europe they like to jump :) it’s great to see the world and learn everything about everyone! So much to see and learn!

HS – How do you prepare for tours, especially travelling all the way from Canada to Europe and visiting several countries? It must be very hard…

AK – Tour is exhausting! It is life changing and worth every single penny but after a tour you are asleep for at least a week or however long the tour was. I usually get packing well before tour time just so I know I’ve got everything. I’m realizing now to always!!!! Pack light! You don’t need much at all! We try and practice our tour set as much as possible and maybe play a few kick off shows for practice!

HS – How does a Band get what they deserve from music-financially- Can we still talk about album sales, or is it totally turning into digital downloads? Or, does a tour bring a financial relief? It is hard to understand from this side of the world; a musician must be making money from somewhere; either albums or tours, but there are cases where musicians lose from both!!?

AK – Money and musicians don’t mix. Nowadays the Internet has completely taken over The Arts of any kind. To the point now, that it is impossible for a person in the arts to make a living off what they love to do. It is not! about the money but it would be nice for some support at times. Albums are 50 thousand less or more depending merchandise. Record label gets a percentage. We pay booking agents once a month to book us Europe shows! Studio rent for your practice space. On tour! Europe tours are thousands a band member… And even Canadian tours you must eat pay for shelter gas music equipment etc… There’s so much more than anyone could know. It is worth every second every penny. We all have jobs! I myself work every single day not one day off so that one day soon I can get back on that road! My life! You don’t get paid in pocket most times it is put in the ‘band fund’ if you’re lucky you may get paid once the band has paid its debts, even when you’re on the road you’re not working so when I get home I’m pretty much couch hopping for a year till I can get my shit back in order .. It ain’t easy and it gets harder! It is my passion it’s all I want to do so I’ll do anything I’ll go through it all bring it on haha !

HS – The label of …Chaos is mainly an online seller, i guess, how does this affect the record sales or band’s recognition?

AK – It’s simple if there was no computers all bands would have funds! Because in order to listen to that music in those days you had to go to the live show and buy it from the creators themselves! Which is crazy to think why everyone sits in front of the screen nowadays instead of going to a live gig with thousands of people sharing amazing energies and memories that’s what it’s all about that is why a musician does this! That live crowd! That rush!

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 HS – Are you interested in any other kinds of music, you have a really strong voice, do you have any other plans in music?

AK – I love all music. I am very open minded and I have done and are doing many guest vocals and side projects! I learn so much from each genre and I plan on learning to be a vocalist of all trades! I need to grow and learn and that is how I will accomplish that!

HS – You also had a modeling experience, was it a one shot or is it also another dimension of your career?

AK – My sister is a photographer so I’ve been her guinea pig for years! I am not that experienced but I’ve been asked to do modeling jobs and I accept! I love going out of my element! I hope to do more in the future!

HS – Who was your idol in rock/metal, have you met him/her?

AK – I could go on about my idol but there is not one! My fav band I guess would be Pink Floyd but then again there is so much music to explore and change through! I am inspired by every single person! That is my idol! All of you! –

HS – Can you remember the first metal song you heard, first record you bought or seeing a live concert?

AK – First live concert was Damage Plan, so good to see Dimebag for the last time…Pantera is another favorite!

HS – The weirdest fan you ever met?

AK – Weirdest fan hmm there are a few and I love them! Actually in Istanbul I poured water over my head on stage over the crowd. I was on tour so I haven’t showered in a good two weeks lol and this guy ran underneath me and drank the dirty water lol then kept that water bottle and made me sign it! Or this one broad in Canada… I was laying on stage and she came up and licked the sweat off my face and stuck her tongue down my throat lol I love em all!

HS – The worst thing happened on a show/tour?

AK – I can’t really think of the worst thing on tour there are too many great memories. Maybe that car accident on the way to a show everyone was fine though and we went and played … Busses breaking down missing shows :( promoters cancelling and dicking us around all over America lol I can’t really answer that question I make the best out of any situation ! :) !

HS – The cover song that you like most to sing/play on stage?

AK – Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

HS – What are your hobbies or work in daily life besides music…

AK – I love to hang out and laugh with family and friends! Eat a bucket of Ice cream! Camping! Outdoors! Trying new things :).

HS – Thanks for this great and warm interview, i hope we can meet again in a European Tour…