Just like Helstar, Vicious Rumors, another US Metal legend have announced their new plans for 2014;

After a period of relative stability, in 2013 the band still faced more line-up changes around classic members Thorpe and Howe: in the first leg of Electric Punishment European tour Brian Allen was temporary replaced by old known James Rivera due to serious family matters. In the second leg of European gigs and in the US tour, Slovenian musician Tilen Hudrap (Thraw, Keller, Wartune, Scepsis…) stepped in for Stephen Goodwin on bass and replaced him permanently. Also Thaen Rasmussen left his spot later in the year, with Bob Capka rejoining VR ranks on guitar. During the American tour, surprisingly, young Dutch singer Nick Holleman (Powerized, Methusalem) took care of vocal duties, with Allen stating he and VR parted ways. Entering in the line-up alongside Thorpe, Howe and Capka, Tilen Hudrap (and later Holleman) became the first European official members in Vicious Rumors history, bringing fresh blood to the band before a very intense 2014 which carries VR in no less than three continents: first,  participation on the most exclusive Metal festival on the planet “70,000 Tones of Metal” cruise – where they will play the cult, classic “Digital Dictator” album in its entirety for the first time ever- and furthermore, not only many European gigs but also the long awaited South American and Australia/New Zealand/Japan tours.

The legendary institution that is Vicious Rumors is stronger and faster than ever. After almost 90 shows on tour in 2013, the new VR lineup has recorded the massive Live You To Death 2: The American Punishment live album. VR has captured the power and precision with classics that have never been recorded live. ‘Towns on Fire’, ‘Worlds and Machines’, ‘Master Mind’, ‘World Church’, ‘You Only Live Twice’, to name a few. Thirteen tracks in total. The album was recorded during the American Punishment Tour in the United States of America in September/October 2013.

Four albums in four years, the mighty VR ball is sharper than ever before. Upcoming tours include European summer festivals, a South America Tour in September/October and also Australian/New Zealand/Japan shows in 2014.

Live You To Death 2: The American Punishment will be released soon via SPV/Steamhammer. Updates to follow!


US Metal veterans announced line-up changes by adding three new members;  Nick Holleman on lead vocals, Tilen Hudrap on bass guitar and welcome back Bob Capka on guitar. Brian Allen were replaced by the mighty James Rivera on the latest European Tour and now the Band announced their permanent new vocalist. Also, Tilen Hudrap was on the same tour who also worked for Rivera’s Sabbath Judas Sabbath cover project.

“Nick, a native of Holland, has a powerful melodic voice with great range and tone. A natural talent with high octane stage presence and endless sustain. VICIOUS RUMORS fans old and new were stunned by his performance on the last tour in the USA. Nick was hired on the spot after band leader Geoff Thorpe saw a video on Youtube. “I just imagined him singing our songs and it works perfectly. Once we met and the chemistry was right I realized I found the right guy for the job!”

“Tilen is a native of Slovenia. After a series of auditions, Tilen was hired last summer to fill in on tour. The band liked his aggressive playing and monster stage presence so much that he was invited to join the band as a full time member after his first show in July. Tilen already played two world tours with the band (Europe and USA, 50 shows) and appears in the newest video for the title track off the current album “Electric Punishment”.

“VICIOUS RUMORS welcomes back Bob Capka, who played on the highly acclaimed “Electric Punishment” CD and has been on 3 tours in Europe and the USA. Bob brings shredding solos and riffs as well as a hunter’s killer attitude to the stage show. Original members guitar player Geoff Thorpe and drummer Larry Howe are proud to officially announce that this killer ntew line-up has already recorded a new live album. Don’t miss VICIOUS RUMORS‘s epic Heavy Metal attack… “Live U To Death 2 American Punishment” on SPV/Steamhammer to be released early 2014. Look for VR on Tour as the ball rolls through your town in the 2014.”