James River
James Rivera is a heavy metal singer; he was the singer for Seven Witches between 2002 and 2005. As of May 2007, he has been a metal frontman for twenty-four years and has recorded fourteen albums. He sang with Power/Speed Metal act Helstar, a band established in the early 1980s in Houston, Texas. Rivera and guitarist Larry Barragan are the only remaining original members of the band after numerous lineup changes.[1] In addition to Helstar, Rivera has sung with several other metal bands (most notably Destiny’s End)[2] during his music career and belonged to several tribute bands.

James Rivera, along with the other founding member Larry Barragan, rebuilt his original band Helstar, with the other guitar player Rob Trevino, the bass player Jerry Abarca and the drummer Russ De Leon. (now substituted by Michael Lewis) They have released in 2007 Sins Of The Past, a re-recorded best of including the most famous Helstar songs, finally they came out in 2008 with a new brand full length called King Of Hell.

During these years Rivera and Helstar have been hardly busy with their live show across the US but also touring in Europe, the Helstar music hit great stages like the ones of the Keep It True Festival and Headbanger Open Air, both in Germany and finally the cult Heavy Metal festival in Italy called Play It Loud.