So…this is the highly awaited album of 2014, the second full length release of ; Canadian speed quartet. Their debut release, is widely accepted as a perfect album and gained extremely good reviews from the fans and critics. Making the debut with an excellent release can be both an advantage and a risk for the bands. Here, I believe that this is a disadvantage for Skull Fist; the expectations are really high and repeating what you’ve done before may not be enough.

Skull Fist is a rarity among its contemporaries; they are fast, energetic, full of energy but they are not straightforward, they create catchy riffs and nice melodies. The music ranges between NWOBHM, speed metal and sometimes thrash metal. This album, like the debut release, includes great hits like; (a re-issue), Hour to Live or . Call of the Wild is also among the better songs of the album. However, the songs like Mean Street Rider, You’re Gonna Pay or Bad for Good do not reach to an over the top quality.

As most people would agree, one of the major characteristic of the band is distinctive vocals of . This is where the confusion starts for me. Although I can call myself as a Skull Fist fan, I really have problems listening him sing. Now, with this second release, I believe that there is mismatch between the music and vocals. This gap was not that certain in Head öf the Pack as was more aggressive or sharp in vocals. His vocal in Chasing the Dream is more glam-ish even though the music is still in speed metal grounds. It won’t be fair to get too harsh on such a great band but I just can say that I believe things would be better with a sharper and more aggressive .
All in all, Skull Fist deserves their name and still stands as a major rising force in true metal. Metalheads will surely keep supporting this great band…

Rate: 7,5 out of 10

1. Hour to Live
2. Bad for Good
3. Chasing the Dream
4. Call of the Wild
6. You’re Gonna Pay
7. Don’t Stop the Fight
8. Shred’s Not Dead
9. Mean Street Rider

– Bass, Guitars
Jackie Slaughter – Vocals, Guitars
– Bass
– Drums


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