Pagan Altar is mainly classified as a NWOBHM band mostly as they emerged during the blast of this great genre. However, at first listen, you understand that there is something exceptional here. The music is doom influenced but also highly different from a regular doom band. It is really hard to explain the style but when you listen, it catches you. It is really strange that Pagan Altar remained obscure for so many years. Their first release, Volume I was dated 1982 and they recorded their second album in 2004. After 2004, they released an EP and their 3rd release, Mythical & Magical.

The first album, Volume I received a major attention after Pagan Altar re-united and the album is reissued a couple of times with “Judgement of the Dead” title. Honestly, I have been aware of Pagan Altar for the last 6-7 years and Volume I or Judgement of the Dead has been one of the most regularly listened album for me. The songs are brilliant, magical, doomy but also carries a magnificent rhythm. with unique vocals and a truly unique and original sound. I don’t want to mention the songs one by one as this is a concept album, there is no filler songs, you can’t fast forward at any time. I fully support and love this great band.

9 out of 10

Pagan Altar are ( Volume I Line-up);

Terry Jones –  Vocals

Alan Jones –  Guitars

Trevor Portch –  Bass

John Mizrahi –  Drums



1. Pagan Altar

2. In the Wake of Armadeus

3. Judgement of the Dead

4. The Black Mass

5. Night Rider

6. They have also used the hype surrounding the minecraft announcement to preview a screenshot of a new secret game, intended to get users salivating over what is to come. Acoustics – instrumental

7. Reincarnation


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