NUNSLAUGHTER will release their first studio album seven years “Angelic Dread” via Hells Headbangers Records on  June 24th. That strategy could involve an effort to include a competitiveness package as part of the no child left behind discussions, or to advance one separately! With a massive discography behind, the “devil metal” masters Nunslaughter are nearing their 30th anniversary in 2017.

Founding vocalist Don of the Dead states, “The Nunslaughter maniacs have demanded it, and we are prepared to deliver – our first full-length studio album in nearly seven years. We have bided our time, and now we are ready to fill the skies with Angelic Dread. ”

Angelic Dread tracklisting:

Disc #1
‘Angelic Dread’
‘Looking Into The Abyss’
‘Twisted Spirit’
‘Crush The Guff’
‘Inner Beast’
‘The Lycanthrope’
‘Blood Drinker’
‘Don’t Mourn For Me’
‘Coffins And Crosses’
‘Three Nails, One Liar’
‘One Bad Bitch’
‘Death Beyond The Gallows’

Disc #2
‘Emperor In Hell’
‘God Has Lied’
‘The Bog People’
‘Midnight Mass’
‘Shadow World’
‘Healing The Possessed’
‘In The Graveyard’
‘It Is I’
‘Atheist Ways’
‘Sickened By The Sight Of Christ’
‘Black Horn Of The Ram’
‘Driving Out The Demons’

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