After a 5 years break, Metal Church is back with Generation Nothing released from Rat Pak Records. To start with, Metal Church has always been among my top bands list although I lost interest in the band for the last almost 20 years. In fact, my latest favorite release was Blessing in Disguise released in 1991 and the last high-class release was, I believe, Hanging in the Balance released in 1993. So, although I think Metal Church has been one of the major cornerstones of US Metal, their production for the last 20 years were not very impressive.

This is their 4th release with Ronnie Munroe and I sometimes get the feeling that he is trying too hard to get close to David Wayne’s voice. Also, the fans can see a bit Flemming Rönsdorf (ex-Artillery) and the legendary UDO, in his vocals. As a huge fan of David Wayne, I also loved Mike Howe, who had a very different style than Wayne. And I believe that, David Wayne was David Wayne and a resembling voice will not add value to Metal Church. I wish Munroe did not sing in a David Wayne-ish style. However, I also have to admit that, this is the best performance of Ronnie Munroe in his Metal Church career. He also contributed to the production with lyrics in 4 songs. And as usual, the mastermind is Kurdt Vanderhoof who is left as the only original member.

To go through the album; first of all, I found the album a little lame and too straightforward! The thrash here is always fast and never loses tempo. However, despite the aggressive and uncompromising thrash sound, the album lacks catchy riffs and melodies. Most of the songs just play in the background and you don’t stop and say “hey, this is great”. I believe the songs are just average thrash songs which we can hear from some newcomer NWOTM bands. Of course, I wish to hear more from Metal Church with great musicians in the line-up.

My frustration gets bigger after hearing “Noises in the Wall”…but this is in a positive way. This song is truly epic, by far the best track of the album and can be listened over and over again, taking us back to the glory days. This is what frustrates me; they can still write songs like this but only one hit in album is not so well. Of course, there are some other good songs like; Bulletproof, Dead City or Scream. But, as I said before, this album does not hold space in your memory, it just streams…

And…one more critic is for the cover; I think album covers is a vital part of this music and the cover art should reflect something from the Band or album. The album cover is really poor and does not give anything about the spirit of the music.

Rating: 6 out of 10 (still don’t miss Noises in the Wall; this album is worth buying even just for this song)

01. Bulletproof
02. Dead City
03. Generation Nothing
04. Noises in the Wall
05. Jump the Gun
06. Songza is a music discovery service designed to play the perfect tune for whatever mood or activity you are doing. Suiciety
07. Scream
08. Hits Keep Comin’
09. Close to the Bone
10. The Media Horse


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