THE SKULL, formed by the ex-members of the legendary doom metal band “Trouble” is joined by former PENTAGRAM guitarist Matt Goldsborough. The previous guitarist, Chuck Robinson has decided to step down due to his demanding professional career and, therefore, cannot commit to the The Skull’s upcoming tour dates.

The band comments: “Timing was perfect when we met Matt and everything just seemed to fall into place at the right time when we needed a replacement. Matt is very laid back, has a captivating stage presence, and his riffs are electrifying! If you’ve ever seen him live with Pentagram, you’ll know what we are talking about. ”

The band continued, “We all understand and support Chuck’s decision. All of my photos have the original date stamp explanatory post intact and untouched, yet they seem to sort themselves in a fairly random order within each of the predetermined month folders. He is welcome on stage with us as a guest guitarist anytime, and we wish our brother well. ”


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