Medieval Steel is a true legend which deserves to be so. For many years, Medieval Steel were just a youtube video for me. Lacking the recordings, i was a Medieval Steel fan following them on digital copies. The band has risen again in 2012 and the fans had the chance to see them live on stage at Keep it True. They also scheduled two shows in Athens&Cyprus for November. So, the year 2013 was very productive for the band with some live apperances and the finishing of the new album; The Dark Castle. The album will be released during the shows in Athens&Cyprus next week.
has two major releases; EP (1984) and The Dungeon Tapes (2005). This will be a review of “The Anthology of Steel” released by Greek No Remorse Records in 2012. This is a reissue of the past two releases and includes all songs of “The Dungeon Tapes” and a new song from the forthcoming album.
Any metal fan who hasn’t heard of the song “Medieval Steel” can be considered as in the land of the dead and shall listen to it to return to the metal world. I’ve listened to this song hundred times (really) and still cannot find many songs matching this feeling. I still cannot belive how they could do this song and remained obscure.
Okay, that’s enough for this glorious song…When we come to the other songs, it can be said that they don’t carry the atmosphere of the self-titled song and they mostly lack that epic feeling. But this does not mean they are bad, in fact i like most of the songs. There are 10 songs in this release and the other leading songs can be; “To Kill a King”, “Battle Beyond the Stars” and “Warlords”. Although classified in epic metal genre, Medieval Steel is more of an 80’s metal band with a good melodical background in all songs. The band will release their new work very soon and we can expect more songs in the same vein.
MS has done a great job in the past and they certainly need another chance to remain in the metal scene as one of the prestitioguıs bands. I hope they can do it this time.

As an addition to this review, i want to give you the words of Chuck Jones about their new release; :

“I am so excited about the new Medieval Steel album “Dark Castle”. Been listening to the mastered mixes off & on all day. The title is a metaphor for this concept album exploring aspects of the human condition as in todays world. Every song is a musical journey thru topics from one extreme to another. We explore religion, bringing light into a dark arena, computers taking over the world, world wars, prophcies, and a ballad of a girl that lives in a dream. We can’t wait to get this album into the hands of our fans around the world. The band really put our heart into this album. We are very proud. Now it’s time to go perform it live. This is gonna be amazing”

Rate: 10 out of 10

Edit: I am very sorry to make this edit to inform you the loss of . Unfortunately, we lost him on Feb 8th, 2014. R.I.P. Chuck…

Rate: 9 out of 10


1. Medieval Steel 338681
2. Warlords
3. Battle Beyond the Stars
4. Echoes
5. Tears in the Rain
6. Lost in the City
7. To Kill a King
8. Eyes of Fire
9. Ghost from the Battlefield
10. The Killing Fields


Jeff “Chuck” Jones – Bass (Guitars early)
 – Drums
– Guitars
 – Vocals
–  Guitars (2013-present)

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