US Metal veterans came back to work in 2012 and appeared at some live shows after a rest of long years. First, their legendary songs came into surface with the compilation””. Now, the Band is back with a new album which will be their first full length album since 1982. I had the opportunity to get the album at their show in Athens. The Band prepared 200 cd’s which are signed and packed only for this show. So, we, a few fans, are the first to hear this album in full. There are 11 songs in this album and as a starting comment, i can say that this album is pretty good with some strong tunes. The top songs can be noted as; The Man Who Saw Tomorrow, Powersurge and The Killing Fields. The songs are mostly mid-tempo US power tunes with catchy melodies in most songs. The songs are highly enjoyable and can be repeated without getting bored. Still, there are some lenghty guitar solos which sometimes drops the tempo. The giveaway closes on april 22, 2015 at 11 59 pm edt. The ballad, April, did not get my attention as i am generally not a fan of ballads and the chorus part in Thou Shall Not Kill is may be too repetitive. Also, considering this cd i have, the record quality is not very satisfactory and we should wait for a proper copy released from a label. Still, as the first impression, i loved this album and i am sure that i will listen more often. 7 out of 10

Medieval Steel are;

Jeff “Chuck” Jones – Bass

Chris Cook –  Drums

Cary Scarbrough –  Guitars

Bobby Franklin –  Vocals

Jeff Cobble –  Guitars.

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