As you can guess from the general concept of this website, this has nothing to do with the Norwegian Black Metal icons. This one is from USA and they are a punk influenced heavy/thrash band.. ’s was released in 1987 from Black Dragon Records. has released two albums with in 1983&1984 and released an album with in 1986.

I have only known Mayhem by name as a project of Matt McCourt, mostly known by his other band, Wild Dogs. I met this album by coincidence while searching CDbaby randomly. The cover art is fantastic and seeing that Matt McCourt is in this, I bought it. There are really good songs here like; Burned Alive, Defy Your Master and Fuk-u. The punk influence gives a real energy to the songs but it also makes them very simple and plain. Also, Matt McCourt is a huge Motörhead fan and we can see the influences also here. This album is raw heavy metal with almost no artistic touch. I have to admit that this is not a lost gem of the 80s and I bet you have listened tons of better releases. However, I still recommend you to follow Matt McCourt’s playing career and I am sure you won’t be disappointed with this one. It is always a fun to listen…

 Rate: 7 out of 10


1.Burned Alive

2.Vicious Circle

3.Couch Potato

4.Face It


6.6 is 9

7.White Mice on Speed


9.Defy Your Master

10.Aerobic Genocide

11.Over the Top

12.Ace of Spades (Motörhead cover)

13.Another Loving Tribute Fade



Craig Lower –  Bass

Matt McCourt –  Vocals

Eric Olson –  Guitars

Steven Hanford –  Drums

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