This was my 6th visit to KIT festival since 2008 and the 3rd week of April has always been one of the greatest days of the year. So, this KIT was again, a dream come true for me. It was really a heaven for epic metal fans seeing Medieval Steel, Liege Lord and Warlord at the same festival.
I always spend the first hours of KIT Day-1 for shopping purposes. So, unfortunately i missed the opening bands Borrowed Time and Eliminator while i was digging for some some tshirts and LP’s.
Air Raid and High Spirits are energetic new comers which have a bright future ahead. I was not much involved in their show but they did their best and they fit the stage, hope to see them in some other shows while they keep on getting better.
Morbid Saint is not one of the best choices to fit the KIT style. They are extremely violent and aggressive for KIT line-up. But they are a well remembered part of 80s thrash scene and they deserved to be there.
I am not a Quartz fan, honestly, i love NWOBHM and have great respect to these bands, however, too much rock and roll makes me bored sometimes. With all due respect, i passed by Quartz.
Holocaust is one of the biggest moves of NWOBHM scene and they are higly respected and awaited by the fans. John Mortimer does not have the same voice and he shouted more and moved to an almost brutal sound at some occasions, but still he is a big figure on stage. He is very energetic and powerful…and the songs, they are true hits in metal history. This is year 2013 and we still have the chance to listen these wonderful anthems live; Death or Glory, The Small Hours, The Nightcomers or Heavy Metal Mania. So, we were extremely happy to see them on stage to sing one of the best metal anthems; Heavy Metal Mania.

Medieval Steel…what can i say, a dream come true. I can easily say that i could travel all the way to Germany just for one song, and that is MEDIEVAL STEEL. A true gem, one of the best metal songs ever. So, everybody was there to sing that title song. They were good on stage, i was happy that Bobby Franklin had the same voice and they really had fun on stage. They played several songs from the upcoming album which decreased the tension a little bit. But then… the song began. You can check it on the band’s site or youtube to see this great effort of the crowd. We did a great job!!!Bobby Franklin was fantastic, we sang it together until we lost our breath. So, thanks Oliver and KIT crew for making this possible.

I was about to die after Medieval Steel and had to go to the stands to have some rest and i watched Liege Lord there. In fact, this was not a good time to rest and i had to survive to see this wonderful performance. This was mainly a Master Control setlist and almost entire album is played along with 3 songs from Freedom’s Rise. My favorite Liege Lord song; Rage of Angels were also there and Liege Lord had a fine headliner performance on this true epic metal show.
Possesed was a big surprise when first announced and there were some doubts about KIT format and band preferences. Whatever, i was always a huge Possessed fan and did not miss the chance to see them live. The first four songs came from Beyond the Gates and then they started a crazy death metal attack with full setlist of Seven Churches album. As Rick Mythiasin, Jeff Becerra was on wheel chair, but it was permanent as we all know. It’s not easy to perform on Wheel chair but Jeff does this with Possesed songs, he is amazing, i kneel before them after such a great show…
Evil Invaders, sorry i was sleeping.
I love Attic even though they are a complete Mercyful Fate clone. They play well, the vocal sounds good, they have a good stage appereance but i hope they move to a more original direction rather than copying M.Fate. I am sure that they will be better in the future…but with more original ideas.
Toranaga was one of my main interests here as i love British thrash bands and think the Shrine is one of the best thrash metal songs ever…really. For me, they delivered good when they came to stage at 14:00 which is a little early for Day-2. Still, they did their job, Mark Duffy carries the spirit and voice, he was solid on stage and i got what i expected from the performance in the Shrine. They are back on the scene with a new album and i hope they continue. Also, i should add that the bass player, John Rodgers is an amazing person and really one of the nicest person i ever met…so this makes the band more special for me.

Midnight; no comment, i wasn’t interested as i think their presence was just based on the stage shows, rather than music.
One of the big surprises for me was the performance of October 31. I was familiar with the band but not a close follower. King Fowley and crew did a great job and Fowley is really outstanding on stage. They played a very energetic setlist with crazy moves by Fowley and the show ended with a Saxon cover-Power and the Glory- when a big part of the hall went crazy. This was my first seeing October 31 live and i highly recommend this band if you ever get close to a show.
Legend was not very well known by me and i was mainly interested in the song; Hiroshima which i have loved for a long time. The show began with that song, great, powerful and mind blowing. But…i think this harmed my concentration for the rest of the show as i kept on singing Hiroshima in my mind for a long time. In any means, this was a great event to see Legend live.
I failed to see Jack Starr’s show closely and missed a certain part. I always liked his music and he is a great professional. I had fun at the moments i watched the performance…
Steel Prophet was one of my major targets in this festival and they responded very well. Rick Mythiasin was unfortunately sitting on a wheel chair due to his problems in both legs. (but fortunately; this was temporary and he is fine now) Rick is a great singer, i believe that he can sing anything with his crystal clear voice. I saw him with Masters of Metal-Agent Steel before and he was also outstanding. Despite being in deep pains, he was again great. We saw him struggle between the songs and his face truly reflected his pains. I watched them with great joy, was lucky to listen Earth and Sky live which is one of my favorite songs…and a surprise; a magnificient cover of Bohemian Rhapsody with the chorus of 5000 people. I love Steel Prophet and Rick Mythiasin and will support them anywhere anytime. Also, we had the chance to spend a lot of time with Jon Paget-the guitar master and he is also a great and absolutely kind person.

Angelwitch; legendary band with a very good setlist and they delivered what you can expect from them. Of course, they played just before Warlord which carried great expectations from the audience. But they are always great on stage.
The closing band was Warlord, a true legend, myth and phenomenon of epic metal. It is hard to make a critics of their performance as their presence was just enough to get crazy. It is great to see the band back in action and to reach their old and new albums again. We had to listen Warlord only in digital sources for many years and now they are live on the stage. They played a long set with almost 20 songs from old and new albums. My greatest surprise was the order of the setlist. They made a sudden attack playing Deliver Us EP as the first five songs. I am not sure if this was right as it really lowered the concentration for the rest of the songs. As a part of the debate, i was not so unhappy with the singer and i believe he did his best with all these songs which he was a part of for a very short time. The master, Mr. Tsamis was very concentrated but his standing still and being almost mimicless in whole show was a little strange. Besides, this was a Warlord show and was also a dream come true and we should! have joy from its every minute.

As an overall evaluation; of course there are some problems in the festival mainly related to technical issues; first and the most important! the beer inside the hall tastes nothing, the hall becomes extremely hot after some time and there are sound issues which appeared mostly this year. However, the greatness of the festival line-up mitigates all these. This is a must see festival for all true/80’s metal fans…let’s hope it will get more attractive for thrash metal fans.
The power of the Festival is so great, as i always say, the mission of this festival is to wake up dead. Oliver and crew has been doing fantastic in all these years by also managing many reunion or “First Time in Europe” kind of shows. We will be there for KIT 2014 in April and reviewing the next KIT here in May, see you there…

Im jahre 2003 gingen hilfsorganisationen in den kriegsgebieten der welt von neun mio

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