As heavyskull, we had the chance to make an interview with Rick Mythiasin, mostly known with his works in Steel Prophet. He is one of my personal favorites and I am a huge fan of his wonderful voice. So, I wanted to make a quick interview with him as he already stated that he doesn’t want to give interviews at this stage. He has some projects and there will be future releases from both Steel Prophet and his two other projects. I hope we can have a more in depth conversation after the release of new works. In the interview, you will also see his great love for dogs and he is a real activist trying to help the dogs whose lives are in danger. If you love dogs, please also join Rick’s Animal Appreciation Area on facebook.

HS – What is going on recently on Rick Mythiasin side? You left Masters of Metal and returned to Steel Prophet. I was lucky to see you on stage with both Masters of Metal and Steel Prophet and both were great shows.

RM – I was fired from Masters of Metal by Bernie Versailles he didn’t really want me in the band to begin with, I was brought in by Juan Garcia, much to Bernie’s dismay, so they’ve carried on as a 4 piece with Bernie handling the vocals, that is all I will say about that, I wish them well.

HS – How is your relationship with Steve Kachinsky, hope everything is going well…

RM – I have been back in Steel Prophet since 2008 and will release our 10th album “Omniscient” this June. All is well between Steve and I, we have reconciled and set aside our differences and wish to proceed with creating music.


HS – You have several projects at the same time; can we get some more info on the Toby Knapp project?

RM – The project with Toby Knapp is a most recent and ambitious project which I’ve made a priority. He has already written and recorded the music for our debut album, all that is needed is my vocals which I’m in the process of writing and arranging lyrics, and soon I’ll begin demoing my ideas, then on to the studio to track. I’m hoping to enter the studio no later than March of this year. The band will be called “Where Evil Follows” which is taken from a song from Toby’s previous band “Onward”. He has no place to reform by the way out of respect for the late Michael Grant R. I. P.

HS – You started to work with Mystic Force, but the progress is slow, what happened there?

RM – Mystic Force has taken a back seat unfortunately due to the guitarist Mike Evans suffering a fractured elbow. As they’re busy writing themselves, I’ve only recorded some tribute songs recently, and will have more to do as they send them to me, but for now my hands are tied with Toby Knapp. I do plan on being a part of their next studio album, however I can’t disclose any more than that.

HS – Also, you had your MYTHIASIN project but nothing is released as far as I know, do you have plans to recover that project?

RM – Mythiasin was an attempt at another band, not a solo effort, only the band taking my last name, we recorded a full album, but were disillusioned by the final mix and my song writing partners didn’t want to pursue releasing the album, as they felt it was inferior to my other releases, so without enough money to re-record mix etc. it died :(

HS – Were you really in Pantera once?

RM – I was in Pantera for only 2 nights briefly as they had just fired their vocalist, I bravely stepped up and convinced them I could sing, and so I did 4 sets of various metal classic songs, we didn’t hit it off on a personal level, as they went on and discovered Phil Anselmo and the rest as they say is history.

HS – In your career, you have been part of several projects and you have always been hard working. Could you get what you deserve? As many fans, I also believe that you should have been in much more bigger projects with your fantastic voice.

RM – Yes I have done so many recordings such as New Eden, Redemption, Taraxacum… unfortunately things did not go as I intended, too much to go into detail…

HS – Many bands are reuniting and releasing re-issues, what do you think of these come-backs?

RM – I’m glad for whatever band is making a comeback; however I really don’t care or think it applies to me.

HS – What do you think of new metal trends; thrash metal seems to rise again with NWOTM bands, which I don’t like much. They play a very straightforward music with almost no melodies in it, what do you think?

RM – I’m too caught up in what I’m doing to pay attention to the latest trends or what other artists are doing at the moment.

HS – You had a wonderful Bohemian Rhapsody cover at KIT, one of the best things I saw live, it was fantastic, how did you decide, were you expecting this response from the audience?

RM – Our cover of “Bohemian Rhapsody” was all Steve Kachinsky’s idea, it all went off better than I anticipated, and it will be on the new album as well.

HS – My favorite Steel Prophet track is Earth and Sky which I believe shows the strength of your voice perfectly. What is your favorite Steel Prophet song?

RM – I don’t really have a favorite SP song, but thank you for the compliment.

HS – Do you plan any European tour dates? 12- Do you share the view that true/oldschool metal is stuck in Central Europe, mainly Germany-Holland, etc? How is US?

RM – I don’t have any dates planned yet to tour as I mentioned earlier no new music isn’t even been released yet, I’m hoping to get back on the road, mainly Europe where I’m received much better than in the states, however it’s changing and my popularity is catching up with European fans.

HS – Your Facebook friends know your love for animals, mainly dogs; can we have a few words on this?

RM – I am a devoted animal advocate and activist, I’m crazy about Dogs, yes it’s true, love cats too and all animals and nature as well, but I’m dedicated to networking on facebook of dogs/cats that are on death row. I’m vehemently against buying pets from a shop or a breeder/puppy mills etc. to many adorable healthy animals die daily that need loving homes, and by sharing their profiles with my 2,187 FB friends these animals have a chance to get exposure and maybe someone will step up and adopt or foster them. So be warned that if you end me a friend request a lot of what I post is dog related material, I do have a page for my various projects including Steel Prophet https://www. facebook. com/pages/Official-Rick-Mythiasin-Musical-Projects-Home/244461702256697




HS – Who was your idol in metal, have you met him?

RM – My idols are obvious Halford, Dio, Dickinson, Arch, Tate, Diamond, early Rush Geddy Lee, met Dio once and met Rob Halford once. HS – Can you remember the first metal song you heard, first record you bought or seeing a live concert?

RM – Got into metal after hearing Judas Priest Sad Wings of Destiny, 1st concert was Van Halen women and children first tour. HS – Was there a certain person-family, friend-who took you in metal?

RM – I got drawn into metal from the older kids in my neighborhood back in El Paso Texas, my family were not supportive at all, and not so much even to this day. HS – The weirdest fan you ever met? The worst thing happened on a show/tour?

RM – Don’t have any stories about fans or tours, there is already quite enough floating around out there about me, some good and some bad, and some that are fabrications too, but I don’t call myself “Mythiasin” for nothing. A system was devised to write essays for me track school performance, including student test scores, with annual goals for every school. HS – What are your hobbies or work in daily life besides music…

RM – I used to have hobbies such as martial arts wrestling, but I’ve injured myself so that is not in my activities any longer, I am a huge conspiracy buff, I don’t trust the Government and I hate conventional religion, I’d say I’m a non-conformist who is fascinated by the mysticism/occult studies. HS – Thanks for the answers and taking your time Rick, good luck with your new works. RM – I hope these answers will do, thank you for your questions!

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