Night Demon is one of the important newcomers in the underground traditional metal scene. They received a strong fan base with their first EP and we will be meeting the Band in April at KIT Festival. The Band includes John Crerar on drums, Brent Woodward on guitars and Jarvis Leatherby; vocals&bass. Their first release; Night Demon EP was released in late 2012. So, before their first European Tour and major festival appearance, we made an interview with Jarvis Leatherby, the voice of Night Demon.

HS – How did you come together as Night Demon, what were you all doing before, for how long have you been in music?

Jarvis – I was acting roadie for The Fucking Wrath (band featuring Brent Woodward – guitarist). We were traveling to a show in Hollywood when Brent and I started conversing about our mutual love for NWOBHM bands. It was amazing how much we had in common musically. That night we decided to get together the following week with our friend Pat Bailey (drums) and start jamming. We have all either played in bands, or been around music for at least 15 years.

HS – You also have other bands as far as I know, are those still active?

Jarvis- Brent still plays in TFW. I sometimes play Geezer Butler in a Black Sabbath tribute called Warning. Night Demon is the main focus right now, but both of those bands are still very much active. Our current drummer Diezel also does session work for various bands.

HS – Who are your musical influences, how did you decide to move into NWOBHM direction?

Jarvis- This is a tuff one to narrow down. If you google NWOBHM bands, you will find a long list if bands that have influenced us. The sound in general is really in influence. Off the top of my head, I would name Angel Witch, Diamond Head, Jaguar, Tygers of Pan Tang as some if my main. We are also influenced by punk and other styles if music.

HS – What are the plans for a full length release, when can we expect that?

Jarvis-We are currently wrapping up a deal with a European label and looking for someone in the US and other territories. The full length is already recorded. Just waiting for the ink to dry and hash out the details. My guess is that we will see a release in the fall of 2014.

HS – Do you have a permanent contract with a label for the coming full length release?

Jarvis- Yes we do for European territories. An official announcement will be made one week after the Keep It True festival in late April.

HS – You gained a significant attention with just one EP and you made it to KIT Festival which I see as a very important turn? What were your expectations when you started this project?

Jarvis- Honestly we had little to no expectations when we started this. Our only goal was to write and record the best heavy metal EP we could. After it was released, we received huge support and an outcry of fans loving this stuff. A real dream come true.

HS- This will be my 6th visit to KIT Festival and the atmosphere is totally great and unbelievable there. The schools were chosen based on their low performance on the stanford achievement test-9th edition and pennsylvania state tests. What are your expectations for this festival? Did you play any major festivals before?

Jarvis- We just played the sold out Ragnarokkr festival in Chicago which was really great! Not the size it level of KIT, but it was awesome! You can expect Night Demon to put on the best show possible at KIT this year. We are so excited, I can barely sleep! We are also really looking forward to meeting many of our worldwide fans who have not yet had a chance to see the band live.

HS – As a fan, which Bands attract you most at KIT festival?

Jarvis- Vardis, Metal Church, Jag Panzer, and our buddies Iron Kingdom

HS – What will the set-list be like, will we hear new songs that are not in the EP?

Jarvis- You can expect to hear the entire EP, at least 4 new songs and most likely a cover song yet to be revealed

HS – Can you give us an update on the plans for European tour, any certain dates besides KIT?

Jarvis- We will be touring through mainly German and Asian from late April to early June. Other festivals on this tour include the Pounding metal Fest in Madrid, and Muskelrock in Sweden.

HS – How do you see the old school metal scene, why do you think there is such a great revival and attention?

Jarvis- I think it’s great! Great to see old school bands either still doing it, or reuniting. Also good to see newer bands that have the classic sound. One great thing about the internet is it connects people who like the same stuff and that’s how a scene is created. You don’t need to be a young artist or on the radio to matter anymore.

HS – How did your lyrical content shape, are you personally interested in occult-dark themes or is it just an image that fits very well into early NWOBHM spirit?

Jarvis- We are very interested in the occult! The darker side if life is very intriguing. It also goes well with heavy metal music and the imagery. Most metal lyrics are cliché and I’m ok with that. The audience seems to enjoy the same subject matter.

HS – What do you think of NWOBHM as a genre, as there are various bands with totally different styles which are all summed under NWOBHM name?

Jarvis- Yes I think there are. As a genre I think that it’s mainly hard rock, or what you would call classic rock today, but more musicianship, and dark themes and artwork make the metal part of it. In my opinion it really is the best genre in music. Heavy with a lot if melody. You get everything g you need from it.

HS – If you lived in the NWOBHM era in early 1980s, which band would you want to be in/play-sing…?

Jarvis- If I was playing guitar, I would love to be the second guitarist in Angel Witch opposite Kevin Heybourne. I would love to play bass in Saxon, and I would love to sing in Diamond Head.

HS- Who was your idol in metal, have you met him/her?

Jarvis- Steve Harris from Iron Maiden. I have not had a chance to meet him, but have seen him live and up close many times. Steve is an amazing bass player, song writer, and visionary. I admire his musicianship as well as his drive and determination.

HS- Can you remember the first metal song you heard, first record you bought or seeing a live concert?

Jarvis- First metal song I heard was Smoke on The Water from Deep Purple. First record was Oingo Boingo “Wake up it’s 1984”. First concert was Monsters of Rock 1988 at the LA Sports Arena. I was 7 years old.

HS- Was there a certain person-family, friend-who took you in metal?

Jarvis- My dad was good friends with Van Halen. He exposed me to it at a young age. Very thankful for that.

HS- The worst thing happened on a show/tour?

Jarvis- Our guitar player broke a string and had no backup guitar or strings. He is left handed so it’s almost impossible for him to find a backup guitar! Scary!

HS- What are your hobbies or daily job besides music?

Jarvis- Most everything I do revolves sound music. Lately I have been really into exercise. I try to do it every day and make it a solid part of my life. Without health, we have nothing.

HS- What do you listen at home, in your car, how is your personal music taste?

Jarvis- If it’s not some obscure NWOBHM stuff, or a new band I am checking out, I like to listen to classical music on the radio mostly. It’s calming and can be inspirational.

HS- Do you like to play covers on stage, which cover you like most?

Jarvis- Yes very much so. My favorites are Road Racin by Riot, Lightning To the nations by Diamond Head, and We Will Rock You by Queen.


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