Now, we have an Iced Earth show to review with the opening bands; Warbringer and Elm Street. To start with, I have to make a confession…I have never been an Iced Earth fan and never had a connection with the band…and in fact, I mostly find them boring and flat. Hell yeahh; not a good start for a review. So, the question is; why I was there? I was there to spend a good time with friends and watch Warbringer and Elm Street live, especially to see Warbringer for the first time. Dropout prevention another summit attendee asked what the obama administration is doing at the middle school level to focus on students who might drop out of school. However, things did not work out like this.

The tour had two special guests, Warbringer and Elm Street. I know that nearly 1/4 of the fans were there mainly for Warbringer, but the Band did not show up. In fact, no announcement is made and there is no declaration why Warbringer was not in Istanbul. The scheduled stage time was 20:20 and everybody was expecting Warbringer while Elm Street came to stage and Iced Earth started when they left. So, many people stood there feeling cheated.

When we pass to the show; personally I love to see new-young bands on stage (at least new for me) and Elm Street was a nice choice for an opening band. I really liked their stage attitude and communication with the fans. I don’t have much info about them and their latest release were in 2011, so have no idea what they have been doing since then. But, that was a good performance and I am sure this could be a very good event for me if Warbringer could make it to Istanbul. They only have one released album so the album is played in entirety while the ending is made with a Metal Heart cover. I can say that I am a buyer if they release a new album.

Iced Earth stayed on the stage for 16 songs and the fans were glad to see them live again after their latest performance in 2011. As good news for me, they played 5 songs from Something Wicked…which is one of my Iced Earth favorites. Also, as a new album tour, there were 5 songs from Plagues of Babylon. In general, I believe that Stu Block can fill in the place of Matt Barlow and he more and more sounds like Matt Barlow. I am sure that Iced Earth fans are also happy with his performance. And as an addition, I am also happy to watch Jon Dette on drums. As I explained in the beginning, I can cut this review short but also mentioning that this was a solid and satisfactory show for app. 700 Iced Earth fans in the venue.


1. Plagues of Babylon (Plagues of Babylon)
2. Democide (Plagues of Babylon)
3. Dark Saga (Dark Saga)
4. V (Dystopia)
5. If I Could See You (Plagues of Babylon)
6. Disciples of the Lie (Something Wicked…)
7. Among the Living Dead (Plagues of Babylon)
8. Burning Times (Something Wicked…)
9. Blessed Are You (Something Wicked…)
10. Vengeance Is Mine (Dark Saga)
11. Cthulhu (Plagues of Babylon)
12. My Own Savior (Something Wicked…)
13. A Question of Heaven (Dark Saga)
14. Dystopia (Dystopia)
15. Watching Over Me (Something Wicked…)
16. Iced Earth


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