Swedish Heavy Metal act ENFORCER has finished the recordings of their upcoming new album, called »From Beyond«. This fourth ENFORCER record will contain ten new songs, produced, mixed and mastered by the band members Olof and Jonas Wikstrand. The album will be out on February 27th (EU), March 2nd (UK) and March 10th (US).

Vocalist and guitar player Olof Wikstrand comments: “»From Beyond« is faster, heavier, louder, darker and more viscous all at the same time without loosing a tiny bit of what ENFORCER stand for. A fist in the face of all current trends and a stake through the throat of modernity. Total metal!”

»From Beyond« will be released on a limited edition digipak, as well as on gatefold vinyl in different colors.

01. Destroyer

02. Undying Evil

03. From Beyond

04. One With Fire

05. Below The Slumber

06. Hungry They Will Come

07. The Banshee

08. Farewell

09. It’s got proceed precisely here a sort of built in browser so you won’t have to be constantly loading what you’re reading into another app. Hell Will Follow

10. Mask Of Red Death

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