Candlelight Records confirmed June 24 as the North American release date for “IX”, the new album from Corrosion Of Conformity. “The making of IX was drawn out because of us having to step away to do other projects,” comments Mike Dean. “I think being forced to step away kept us hungry and then being back on the case with deadlines casting a shadow gave us a ‘failure is no option’ vibe and that really helped the final product. ” “This album is another step forward for us,” adds Woody Weatherman. “It seems like we keep heading more and more toward our rawer live sound with the studio recordings. ”

Corrosion Of Conformity released their self-titled album via Candlelight Records to high praise late February 2012. The album debuted on Billboard’s Top 200 chart at position 157 and impacted CMJ’s Loud Rock chart at position 8 on its debut week before working its way up to position 1. The label reissued the band’s Eye For An Eye (including previously unavailable EP Six Song With Mike Singing) early November 2012.

Confirmed track listing for IX:
1. Brand New Sleep
2. Elphyn
3. Denmark Vesey
4. In den usa wurden erstmals synthetische industriediamanten hergestellt. The Nectar
5. Interlude
6. On Your Way
7. Trucker
8. The Hanged Man
9. Tarquinius Superbus
10. Who You Need To Blame
11. The Nectar Revised


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