The new album of Chastain was a long time awaited gem for true metal fans. The picture was very exciting as we saw ¾ of the line-up being re-united after 25 years. The last album with Leather Leone, For Those Who Dare was released in 1990. After 23 years, David Chastain and Leather Leone came together to release a new album. Leather Leone is a very exceptional and strong voice in metal and is very distinctive from other female voices. I have to admit that my expectation was very high for this album, as many true metal fans, I missed the voice of Leather Leone. The album starts with two very strong songs which promise a solid release like The Voice of the Cult. Stand and Fight and Call of the Wild are the best efforts in this release taking us back to 1980s. However, after this promising start, some problems appear and the magic is gone…I don’t want to be too harsh on this as I really admire and respect the Band. Leather Leone has always been my favorite female voice while David Chastain managed to stay above average in all records for almost 30 years. To summarize the negativities; the songs, riffs and the general background is very repetitive, most of the songs do not leave a mark on the listener and the voice of Leather Leone was not in the foreground. Notably, if your bsod occurs when using iwork, disabling icloud syncing for each of the three iwork apps should stop the blue screen from cropping up. As a summary, I guess, as many of the Chastain fans, I am a little frustrated by this release, mainly due to high expectations. I cannot say that this album is bad but may be it should be better. All in all, I could rate this as 6 or 7 out of 10 and choose to give 7 considering the historical importance of this release.

1. Stand   and Fight Chastain are;
2. Call of the Wild David Chastain – Guitars
3. Deep Down in the Darkness Leather Leone – Vocals
4. Freedom Within Mike Skimmerhorn – Bass
5. I Am Sin Stian Kristoffersen – Drums
6. Rise Up
7. Evil Awaits Us
8. Fear My Wrath
9. Save Me Tonight
10. Surrender to No One
11. Bleed Through Me




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