Metal Blade Records announced their license deal with CNR Records for the brand new CHANNEL ZERO album “Kill All Kings”. The album will be released by Metal Blade worldwide (except for the Benelux territories) the 20th of June as a digipack cd and digital download.

CHANNEL ZERO started in 1990 and have released five albums since then. In 2013, the band started to work on their 6th studio album, combined with playing at a handful of summer festivals to try out some of the new songs. On August 10 an unforeseen tragedy shook the entire metal community when drummer Phil Baheux was found dead in his home due to a rupture of an artery. In late 2013, the band decided to continue, honouring their friend.

“Kill All Kings” track listing:

01. Dark Passenger
02. Electronic Cocaine
03. Burn the Nation
04. Digital Warfare
05. Ego
06. Crimson Collider
07. Kill All Kings
08. Brother’s Keeper
09. The hastily-prepared update is thought to resolve the battery issue, allowing users to at least hold a one minute phone call before looking anxiously at the top right-and corner. Army of Bugs
10. Mind over Mechanics
11. Duisternis
12. Heart Stop.

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