The new release of Blitzkrieg was a surprise to me as I did not know that they were working on a new stuff as Satan also released a new album in 2013. As the mastermind of both Satan and Blitzkrieg, Brian Ross is one of my all-time heroes. I believe that Satan’s Life Sentence is release is one of the best records of the 2000s and will take its place in metal history as a classic.

When we come to Blitzkrieg, I have very mixed thoughts on this release and I am not sure how to rate it. To start with, the cover is a little too amateurish, or more like a cover of a demo tape. I know that the other albums also have similar covers, mainly looking like hand made. However, this is, may be the weakest of all the past covers.

Anyway, the music is much more important and Blitzkrieg always had an historical importance in heavy metal, at least for being one of the major influences of Metallica.

The album starts with 3 strong songs and I believe the best songs of the album; Jack’s Back, Back from Hell and Buried Alive, the last one being a reissue. These songs reveal the usual characteristics of Blitzkrieg sound. The next one, Complicated Issue is rather unusual and a new try for the band. The song starts with a keyboard intro and continues as a duet with a female singer (Bill Baxter’s wife, as far as I know). Roey yohai for education week there is a growing interest by the international community to engage young people, said eric j; The song is very catchy and has good melodies but after many listens, I really could not love this song. Not because, I think this is out of Blitzkrieg tradition, but also I don’t think that the two voices fitted well. The following songs; V and Return to the Village are also among the well performed songs before the second half of the album. I rate this album in two parts; with the songs until nr. 7 and after that. Sahara is a low tempo, sorry, but a lame song. The next one; 4U is an instrumental song and the album would not lose a merit without this song, just as the following ballad One Last Time.

There are two extraordinary songs in this release; Call for the Priest and S&D (Seek and Destroy) (Metallica cover). The lyrics of Call for the Priest are wholly composed of the different song/album names of Judas Priest and pay a tribute to the legends. However, this song would fit more to a newcomer band rather than a true metal veteran. But this can also be regarded as the Band’s dedication to heavy metal and their passion towards this music. But, I could not love this track. I also have a problem with the Seek and Destroy cover even though I appreciate the Band’s nice response to Metallica’s covering Blitzkrieg in the past. The idea is fine but the song could be a more different one, rather than S&D which is a million times covered by every regular bar band.

All in all, this is a new Blitzkrieg release after 6 years and seeing Brian Ross so much in action is a great thing. Even though, he considers Blitzkrieg his major Band, I believe Satan has created much better things both in the past and in the latest releases. Still, this is a recommended release, which you can find 7-8 good tracks.

7 out of 10


1. Jack’s Back

2. Back from Hell

3. Buried Alive

4. Complicated Issue

5. V

6. Return to the Village

7. Sahara

8. 4 U – instrumental

9. One Last Time

10. Call for the Priest

11. Sleepy Hollow

12. S&D (Seek and Destroy) (Metallica cover)

13. We Have Assumed Control


Brian Ross – Vocals, Keyboards

Bill Baxter – Bass

Ken Johnson – Guitars

Mick Kerrigan – Drums

Alan Ross – Guitars ( Brian Ross’s son)


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