I don’t find it meaningful to write or read reviews of reissues or compilations. But, in the case of Bastille, if this compilation stands as the only regular release of the band, this is worth reviewing.

Bastille is a lyrical US progressive power metal band that was formed in the late 80s and disbanded a few years later releasing just a few demo songs and an album (only on tape) called Electric Animation (1991). This re-issue includes this album along with their first demo tape and a live bonus track, remastered. (stole this part from http://label. noremorse. gr/)
There are 15 songs in this release and the #1 hit is the 9th track;. In most of the parts, the music is a straight melodic 80s metal. The music rarely gets heavier but there is a nice melody and fluent rhythm in almost all songs. Some parts can remind you of early Queensrÿche or Fates Warning, and the major distinction comes from the outstanding vocals of. I don’t have too much information about the band members or what they have been doing for all these years. I think it’s really a loss for metal community not to hear in a first class progressive power band. His voice is really exceptional, hard to define and his vocal technique is hard to find in a metal band. I strongly recommend this release due to its historical value and you will be happy for most part of the album. In fact, this is a reissue and sometimes the sound quality has some problems. Especially, the last track of the album, the live song is hard to bear. However, this is a fine reissue to bring Bastille back to the attention of metal scene. As my personal taste, this album can be purchased only for the track “ Victory” which has become one of my favourite songs.

8 out of 10

Track List:
01. Living A Lie
02. Lonely Boy
03. Share With Me
04. Entry Code
05. Erase
06. Eclipse
07. Electric Animation
08. Exit
09. Victory
10. Revenge
11. Economy Line
12. Fighting Bad Weather
13. Crazed
14. Don’t Run Away
15. Dream Winner (live bonus track)


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