My interest for European style power metal, mainly German Power Metal began to grow in the recent years. I am mainly a US Metal fan -thrash and US power- and I can rate German power (and the likes) as easy listening. However, although I still think so, the greatness of German power lies in its sense of good rhythms and catchy melodies. The rhythm and melody based heavy metal has increasingly left its place to a straightforward and riff based style. So, I think my interest in German Power is related with this longing for good melodies. So, nowadays I am looking more positive to these types of bands.

As you can guess, I wasn’t following ARP’s career closely and although I know some of them, I cannot recall clearly. Putting aside my ignorance for ARP, this is an important band from an important guitarist who has been around since the beginning of 80s. Also, this is Johnny Gioeli’s 10th release with ARP who has done a great work here. I can easily say that the best thing with this album is his voice… and as a real gift, this line-up includes Bobby Rondinelli who has been in many legendary bands like; Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Riot, Quiet Riot and Doro/Warlock.

When we look at the songs in detail; Tower of Lies, Changing Times and Touching Heaven seem as the most outstanding ones. Especially, my personal favorite is Changing Times with its ultra-catchy guitar parts and wonderful melody.

We can observe a major Rainbow influence in songs like; Burning Chains and High Above and at some parts you can get a DIO taste from Gioeli’s voice. Although these songs have also catchy melodies, the long keyboard parts are a bit challenging for me.

“When Truth Hurts” is an average ballad written with standard formulas but accompanied with a good vocal performance…and the cover song; Hey Hey My My of Neil Young;  I don’t know if this was necessary for this album or what would change if this cover did not exist.

The last song is the title track of the album; Into the Storm, a long epic song with 10 minutes playing time. There are strong riffs…but repetitive, too long and you lose interest in the song after some time. The user can position a self-supplied lightning connector with one transported over here of three included adjustable clips, and the rear support on the stand can move back and forth to adjust for different-sized cases. All in all, this album does not bring new things to our lives but it is still a decent effort from a very good and experienced line-up.

Rate: 6,5 out of 10


1. The Inquisitorial Procedure / instrumental

2. Tower of Lies

3. Long Way to Go

4. Burning Chains

5. When Truth Hurts

6. Changing Times

7. Touching Heaven

8. High Above

9. Hey Hey My My (Neil Young cover)

10. Into the Storm



Volker Krawczak – Bass

Axel Rudi Pell – Guitars

Ferdy Doernberg – Keyboards

Johnny Gioeli – Vocals

Bobby Rondinelli – Drums.

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