After the split with Robert Gonella the German based Thrash Metal outfit ASSASSIN didn´t need too long to find a new Singer. “We all were lying crippled on the floor, as, all of a sudden, this guy shows up! And he slapped us out of our delirium, with his VOICE!” says Guitarist Michael Hoffmann. The new guy on the microphone, Ingo “Crowzak” Bajonczak, formerly stretched his voice-cords in Bands like “Lord Of Giant”, “Supersoma” or “New Damage”. “Ingo was not only able to fill in the blank, but, as he´s an experienced Guitarist, he´s able to communicate with the rest of the band on a whole other level. Ein nachmessen zeigt dir aber, dass beide personen gleich groß sind. ” says the band in unison. But it will take a while, till ASSASSIN will hit the stage again, as they right in the process of tracking the new album down. “Breaking The Silence” will be released on SPV / Steamhammer in the near future.

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