At last, Annihilator could meet their fans in Istanbul. This was the first visit of Annihilator to Turkey and the tension was high among the fans. There were rumors of an Annihilator show back in 2008 but it did not turn into reality. Thus, we had the fear that the concert will be cancelled as it was also unusual that the show in Istanbul were added after the end of the tour. However, we defeated our fear and started to get ready for the show. As always, I did my homework and started listening to Never Neverland again. After all these years, the album was still close to perfection. It was early 1990s when I first listened to this album and we really had difficulties in reaching to heavy metal releases. We shared tapes with friends and come to know new bands this way. But, carroll added, in order for learning teams to succeed, teachers need encouragement and support… Annihilator was one of those tapes and I carry on being a fan since then. Annihilator emerged as a breath of fresh air in late 1980s when thrash metal started to repeat itself. Alice In Hell was really a big hit and this brought the Canadian among the top thrash bands. Never Neverland also came after a year, and this even made Annihilator name bigger. However, with the sudden change in heavy metal industry and the sharp decline of thrash metal, Annihilator also started to lose ground. However, Jeff Waters did not give up the thrash fight and continued Annihilator with almost all new line-up in each album. In any case, he kept his productivity and released 14 albums until now. Still, Alice In Hell and Never Neverland are among the best thrash metal releases but it is also true that Annihilator could never reach to that point again.

Anyway, I always respected Jeff Waters and I went to the concert venue with great expectations. A legendary Turkish hard rock/heavy metal band, Whiskey was announced as the opening act for this show, which was also a great news. They were one of the pioneers of Turkish metal scene and it was not too often to see them in action. However, they could not show up due to health problems and the concert opened with only Annihilator’s appearance. It was hard for the fans to warm up for the show only with the DJ. In fact, we were even outside the venue when we heard the first notes of Alison Hell.

It was a small shock to hear Alison Hell as the intro song but we could get into mood after a quick warm-up. I knew that Annihilator has a solid live performance and they fully met the expectations. Jeff has a unique playing style and he always communicated the audience. The rest of the Band was also sympathetic on stage and especially, Dave Padden was very energetic on vocals. Besides the band performance, the sound and stage lighting were very successful and we could hear Jeff’s guitar perfectly. In fact, the Venue, Maslak Arena is not a huge place and it was well packed considering that the show was on a Monday night. Of course, we could expect a lot more crowd than 500 people for a first time show in Istanbul, but still it was satisfactory and we could observe that both sides left the venue happy. Here is the setlist;



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