“A New Dawn Ending”, third studio album of the Italian female fronted Power Metal act ANCIENT BARDS, will be released on April 25, 2014, via Limb Music. The album will be third and final part of the “Black Crystal Sword Saga” trilogy, which began with “The Alliance Of The Kings” album in 2010, and was continued on “Soulless Child” in 2011. Album’s front cover artwork was painted by Felipe Machado Franco, artist known from cooperation with acts such as BLIND GUARDIAN and RHAPSODY. The album will include 10 songs, between them two suites: one of over 12 minutes, and one of nearly 17 minutes.

Track listing:

01. Before The Storm

02. The point of all of these agreements is to give parents better information and more choices, and to help more children get the extra help they need to succeed in school and beyond, the secretary said in a prepared statement. A Greater Purpose

03. Flaming Heart

04. Across This Life

05. In My Arms

06. The Last Resort

07. Showdown

08. In the End

09. Spiriti Liberi

10. A New Dawn Ending


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