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NWOBHM heroes Raven will be releasing a collection of their favorite songs with the cover album; Party Killers which will be produced in limited quantities for Kickstarter backers only on CD and vinyl.

Raven frontman John Gallagher comments on the album:

“We were writing for the new album at a cool studio in Richmond, VA, and in the middle of jamming asked the engineer there if we could record a few cover tunes just for the hell of it. The sounds were so good we decided to do something we’d been threatening for many years: Party Killers – a collection of cover tunes guaranteed to deafen yer neighbors!! It’s basically a peek into the little red 45rpm singles box we used to have at home. songs and bands that were very influential to us as kids, but given the Raven overhaul! I think it gives a nice insight to our roots and will be an excellent companion to the new album!”

Party Killers tracklisting has been revealed:

“Too Bad Too Sad” (Nazareth)
“Bad Reputation” (Thin Lizzy)
“Cockroach” (Sweet)
“Fireball” (Deep Purple)
“Hang On To Yourself” (David Bowie)
“He’s A Whore” (Cheap Trick)
“In For The Kill” (Budgie)
“Is There A Better Way” (Status Quo)
“Ogre Battle” (Queen)
“Queen Of My Dreams” (Edgar Winter)
“Tak Me Bak Ome” (Slade)

John Gallagher also checked in with the following announcement regarding the kickstarter campaign:

“Hard, heavy, and faster than the speed of light! We’ve written the album, and now we need you Lunatics to help us record it!

ExtermiNation; In short, the best Raven album yet. We think we’ve written it, and now we need your help to record it!

Our good friends at SPV Records fully support Raven and have agreed to release the new album ExtermiNation in early 2015, but with the current state of the record industry, are only able to partially fund the album.

We’re not willing to cut any corners or sell you, the fans, short, so we are asking for your help to cover the expense of extra pre-production, rehearsal, travel, and studio time. Those with an eye for a bargain were able to pick up a discounted nexus 5x towards the end of last year with a wikipedia post reference $50 reduction in the original price during the holiday season. Most importantly, we’re not just using any studio or engineer, we’re reuniting the team responsible for our last album Walk Through Fire! With your help we’ll return to Assembly Line Studios with producer Kevin ‘131’ Gutierrez.

Our promise to you is an uncompromising album that will tear your head off! So please check out all the rewards we’ve dreamed up for you here, including an entire covers album just for you lot, and many other items only available here!

Thanks for your support, and we’ll see you on the road!”




A lyric video for “Livestock Marketplace,” a track off the upcoming Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel 5-song EP release due out in Europe on November 14th, is now available for streaming ;

The Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel EP includes songs from the 2013 Surgical Steel recording sessions plus one previously unreleased track. The track listing is:

1. A Wraith In The Apparatus
2. Intensive Battery Brooding
3. Zochrot
4. Livestock Marketplace
5. 1985 (Reprise)

“Well, let’s call this tying up loose ends,” commented frontman Jeff Walker. “We thought we’d make all the tracks available from the »Surgical Steel« album session available on an EP… just in case you bought the Jewel Case version, DIDN’T buy the Digipak, didn’t buy the Japanese Import, or maybe you never bought the DECIBEL Magazine issue with the flexi disc? Well here you go; ALL the songs on one disc along with an previously unreleased track. Even Trevor Strnad’s arm makes a guest appearance! Enjoy.”



The Finnish funeral doom legends SHAPE OF DESPAIR have signed with Season of Mist which already released previous albums; ‘Shades of…’ and ‘Illusion’s Play’, as well as the ‘Shape of Despair’ compilation in North America. The band’s forthcoming full-length will be released via Season of Mist on a worldwide scale.

SHAPE OF DESPAIR comment: “We are proud to announce Season of Mist as our new label. Since our latest album ‘Illusion’s Play’ was released 10 years ago, we can already reveal that our long awaited follow-up full-length will express misery in new ways. As we have published EP’s and our first releases via various labels, we are pleased to have found a steady home and look forward to a long lasting partnership. Our next album has already been recorded and will be released in 2015.”


Henri Koivula: vocals
Natalie Koskinen: vocals
Jarno Salomaa: guitars, keyboard
Tomi Ullgren: guitars
Sami Uusitalo: bass
Samu Ruotsalainen: drums

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Her school district has received one of the grants offered by the department of education to attend the workshop on curriculum writing later this month



California-based brutal death metallers, ANNIHILATED will release their debut album XIII Steps To Ruination via Unique Leader later this month. Produced by ANNIHILATED drummer Scott Fuller, XIII Steps To Ruination features guest appearances by Sven De Caluwe (Aborted), Monte Pittman (Prong), Peter Truax (Vesterian, Eyes Of Fire) and Eric Stobel (Plaguereaper, P.O.R.).

Formed in 2008, ANNIHILATED features within its ranks, current and former members of Abysmal Dawn, Grotesque, Excretion, and Arkaik. XIII Steps To Ruination will see release via Unique Leader Records on October 28th, 2014 in North America, October 31st, 2014 in Europe and November 3rd, 2014 in the UK.


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A 2xCD collection of King Diamond songs, newly enhanced into ultimate editions by King Diamond and Andy LaRocque themselves, will be released by Metal Blade Records next month. King Diamond‘s “Dreams of Horror” is the only “best of” album covering the band’s entire career. King Diamond and Andy LaRocque mastered and enhanced 23 songs into the ultimate editions, chosen by the band from both the Roadrunner and Metal Blade catalogs.

“Dreams of Horror” will be available on November 11th.

w/ Jess and the Ancient Ones
10/11 Atlanta, GA Center Stage
10/13 Silver Spring, MD The Fillmore
10/14 New York, NY Best Buy Theatre
10/16 Worcester, MA Palladium
10/17 Montreal, QC Olympia
10/18 Toronto, ON The Sound Academy
10/19 Pittsburgh, PA Stage AE
10/21 Chicago, IL The Vic Theatre
10/22 St. Louis, MO The Pageant
10/24 Denver, CO Paramount Theatre
10/26 Salt Lake City, UT The Complex
10/28 Seattle, WA The Moore Theatre
10/30 San Francisco, CA The Warfield
10/31 Los Angeles, CA The Wiltern
11/01 Las Vegas, NV House of Blues
11/03 Tucson, AZ Rialto Theatre
11/05 Houston, TX House of Blues
11/06 Dallas, TX House of Blues
11/7-8 Austin, TX Auditorium Shores

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Skull Fist have announced that they have an official drummer after both albums were released with the absence of a full lineup. Star wars sounds that accompany common actions like powering the thing on are also likely to keep the star wars faithful happy? The band has spent the last 3 years touring with fill in drummers and have finally announced  Canadian JJ Tartaglia as their permanent drummer.

Skull Fist are currently on tour in South America and the band will be touring Mexico in November and USA in January with more countries to be announced in the near future.



Black Metal Legends MARDUK are in the studio to record their new album “Frontschwein” which is planned to be released in January 2015. Hurdles ahead remaking ohio’s education system won’t be easy or immediate, said sir michael barber, an expert partner with mckinsey and a former education adviser to british prime minister tony blair! This will be the 9th release of the Band since their debut in 1992, Dark Endless.



Early Years

Holy Moses were formed in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, on 1980. The band’s first line-up was formed by bassist Ramon Brüssler, drummer Peter Vonderstein and guitarist Jochen Fünders during high school, the latter of whom also handled the band’s vocals. This line-up played its first live show only four days after its formation, and released a demo titled Black Metal Masters in the same year. Vonderstein and Fünders left the group in 1981, and were replaced by drummer Paul Linzenich, vocalist Iggy, and guitarist Andy Classen from the local group Desaster. In December 1981, Iggy left the group and was replaced by ex-Desaster bassist and girlfriend of Andy, Sabina Classen (nee Hirtz). The band performed their first live show with the new stable line-up in November 1982 and released a string of demo tapes, including Walpurgis Night in 1985, and The Bitch in 1986, and also appeared on the split-album compilation Metallic Bunnys.

´86 – ´92

In 1986, Holy Moses released their debut album Queen of Siam through independent label Aaarrg, with Herbert Dreger on the drums (Linzenich left shortly before the recording to focus on his university studies). After the release of the record, Dreger was sacked for not showing up to a support show with Agent Steel, and Brüssler (the only original member of Holy Moses remaining), left the band. Both members were replaced by nineteen-year-old Uli Kusch and Andre Chapelier respectively. The following year, Holy Moses released their sophomore effort Finished With the Dogs, which was a much heavier and cleaner-sounding album than its predecessor. The album is a critical success around the world, earning the band a distribution deal through WEA (Warner) and tours of Europe with Angel Dust, Rage, Steeler, Paganini, D. R. I. and Holy Terror, finishing with a headlining show in Hamburg.

In 1988, Sabina Classen became the host of a German heavy metal TV show called Mosh alongside journalist Götz Kühnemund. Meanwhile, Holy Moses begins work on their third studio effort. Released in 1989, The New Machine of Liechtenstein is another successful record from the group, with the band playing more heavier and more technical thrash metal than the previous two albums. The band toured with Sacred Reich and Forbidden, and performed at the Dynamo Open Air Festival, with second guitarist Reiner Laws added to the line-up. Around this time, Holy Moses severed their ties with WEA as a result of the record company’s new staff trying to coerce the band into departing from their thrash metal influences and write more commercial music.

In 1990, Laws quits Holy Moses due to illness and retires to focus his skills as a graphic artist, leaving the band as a four-piece. The band then records World Chaos, released through West Virginia Records, an independent label owned by new band manager Uli Wiehagen. Kusch soon quits the band to join Gamma Ray, to be replaced by Atomic Steif. This line-up would remain stable for the next two records, Terminal Terror (1991), and Reborn Dogs (1992).

Soon after the release of Reborn Dogs, Sabina Classen left Holy Moses and the band subsequently dissolved. Classen went to form Temple of the Absurd with Warpath members Schrödey and Ozzy Frese, and drummer Mike Rech.


Two years after the split of Holy Moses, Andy Classen releases a new record under the Holy Moses name titled No Matter What’s the Cause. Erkennbar, dass für die fortbewegung nur 18 % der zugeführten energie genutzt werden. The line-up featured on the album included Classen on guitar and vocals, S. O. D. ‘s Dan Lilker on bass, and hardcore drummer Meff. The album was more hardcore/death metal influenced than the band’s previous thrash-oriented efforts, and was not met with substantial success.

2000 – 2012

In 1999, during touring for the second Temple of the Absurd album, Sabina Classen collapsed on stage and was hospitalised. The singer fell into a serious illness and suffered a motorcycle crash in 2000. Following this, Temple of the Absurd disband and Sabina begins to work with Andy again with what would eventually become new Holy Moses material. The band is reformed in early 2001 with Franky Brotz and Joern Schubert on guitar, Jochen Fuenders on bass and Julien Schmidt on the drums. The band performs several comeback shows throughout Europe and South Korea, and releases an EP titled Master of Disaster through Century Media. Andy Classen stayed with the band as songwriter.

In 2002, Holy Moses released “Disorder of the Order”, their first album with the new line-up. Michael Hankel, guitarist of “Erosion” and friend of Andy’s, replaced Schubert soon after the album’s release, and becomes a main songwriter of the band. The band performed at Wacken Open Air festival in 2004, and after fan demand for another Holy Moses album, the group released “Strength Power Will Passion” in May the following year. It is the first album without input from Andy Classen.

After securing a deal through Wacken Records and a subsequent re-release of the band’s material, Feunders and Schmidt leave Holy Moses. After some other quick and short line-up changes Oliver Jaath, originally guitarist and songwritter of “Reckless Tide”, helped out in 2006 as bass player for some shows. After having a good time together he joined completely and continued to play the bass. In 2007 Holy Moses celebrated their 25th anniversary with a special show in Aachen, where Holy Moses has been founded. Almost all important ex members joined the band for some songs on stage to celebrate this event.

Shortly before the european tour with “Obituary” Atomic Steif returned and took over the drums. The tour was a great fun and huge success for the bands and right after it the band went into production of their 2008 album “Agony Of Death” which was critically acclaimed by press and fans. This record, written by Michael Hankel and Oliver Jaath, stylistically went back a little to the “New Machine of Liechtenstein”-days and offered a more complex songwritting without forgetting the hooks and even melodic parts. During the recording Thomas Neitsch from “Desilence” joined the band to take over the bass while Oliver switched over to guitar. In this line-up the band toured together with “Benediction” from UK through europe.

In 2009, the first time in their history, Holy Moses toured succesfully in Japan. During that time the band met many fans who waited for Holy Moses since the early eighties. It was a very intense moment for all. In 2010 the band slowed down their activities a little and after a short tour with “Doro” the band concentrated on the next release. The shows with “Doro” were the last shows for Atomic Steif who quit the band end of 2010.

2011 started slowy with the preperations to record an anniversary album for the 30 years of Holy Moses. The Band asked Gerd Lücking, who played in “Courageous” and “Rebellion”, to be the new drummer. Quickly he joined and with him the band continued to realize the album. It was planned to re-record old songs aswell as offer some new tracks to show the band´s direction for the future. After picking 20 classic tracks for the past record, Oliver and Thomas provided the new songs “Borderland” and “Entering the Now” exclusively for this record. Right after the end of the production the band and Michael Hankel parted ways. A successor has been quickly found in Peter “Pete” Geltat who already recorded some addtional solos for the anniversary record. The double album “30th Anniversary – In The Power Of now” entered the stores in April 2012 and has been critically acclaimed by fans and press.

The band recorded and released their tenth album Agony of Death in 2008. They will release their eleventh album Redefined Mayhem on April 28, 2014.