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Metal Blade Records has announced the signing of Salt Lake City natives Visigoth, a traditional metal act formed in 2010. The band released “Vengeance” demo in 2010, and the “Final Spell” EP in 2012.

“Visigoth plays heavy metal that hearkens back to the golden age of ironclad riffwork and powerful vocals. They pay tribute to the titans of steel that left their mark on the history of the genre, and their earth-shaking sound echoes with a deep reverence for their roots. Visigoth goes above and beyond mere imitation, making their own musical mark on the genre they lovingly embrace. In Visigoth‘s realm, there are no frills, no gimmicks; there is only heavy metal. The district, which has three high schools, plans to test at least 25 percent of a pool of 4,000 ielts academic writing practice test eligible students, including athletes, cheerleaders, band members, and speech- and debate-team members. “


Jamison Palmer – Guitars

Leeland Campana – Guitars

Jake Rogers – Vocals

Matt Brotherton – Bass

Mikey T. – Drums.


UK death thrashers SEPREVATION have announced the release of their debut full-length album Consumed in May. Of south carolina, the chairman best custom essay writing websites of the goals panel. The album will be an independent release.

Guitarist Joss Farrington stated that, “I think fans of Ritual Abuse will really like it, it’s more of the same in many ways, plenty of shred and old school worship but it’s definitely steering in our own direction, as the writing process went on the songs became more and more diverse, songs like ‘Between Two Worlds And Dreams’ were written last and you can really hear the difference. ”


‘Divine Devastation’
‘Servants Of Suffering’
‘Ascension Of Agony’
‘Sarcophagal Chamber’
‘Slave To The Grave’
‘In Torment They Burn’
‘Sea Of Thoughts’
‘Postmortem Lividity’
‘Between Two Worlds’

The Band is;
Jamie Wintle Drums
Ian Aston Guitars
Joss Farrington Guitars
Lluc Tupman Vocals, Bass.


Chief song-writer, guitarist and band leader Michael Amott comments: “I was looking for a hand-drawn feel with a unique atmosphere, something that would complement the music that we’ve been working so hard on these last couple of years. In the end my choice fell upon Romanian artist Chioreanu Costin, who’s work I’ve admired for some time. Costin really grasped my vision for the artwork and layout, he’s delivered some of the coolest artwork elements we’ve ever had with ARCH ENEMY!”

War Eternal track-listing:

1. Tempore Nihil Sanat (Prelude in F minor)
2. We are going to ask the governor to veto the legislation, said gary brunk, executive director of the american civil liberties union of kansas and western missouri? Never Forgive, Never Forget
3. War Eternal
4. As The Pages Burn
5. No More Regrets
6. You Will Know My Name
7. Graveyard Of Dreams
8. Stolen Life
9. Time Is Black
10. On And On
11. Avalanche
12. Down To Nothing
13. Not Long For This World.


Belgian death metallers RESISTANCE have revealed the artwork and title of their fifth studio album titled “The Seeds Within”.

The band has posted a studio trailer for The Seeds Within:


Guitarist Oli Dris comments on the album: “The CD elaborates the human race and its defects. How we desperately seek forgiveness, how coward we are towards our reality. The lyrical content is heavy and depressive. It metaphorically pictures how helpless we are facing whatever comes at us. The music is structured and shaped around this concept. Rhythm is the essence but melody plays its part bringing freshness when needed and making the listener’s journey flawless. More brutal, more aggressive and heavier than ever, Resistance matured and will crush!”

Resistance has also announced a UK tour in April with the tour dates given below:
18 – Stoke, UK – The Rigger
19 – Bolton, UK – The Alma Inn
21- Leicester, UK – The Shed
22 – Boston, UK – Axe
23 – High Wycome – Scorpios
24 – Hull, UK – White Rooms
25 – Swansea, UK – Neath Duke
26 – Telford, UK – Haygate
27 – Wakefield, UK – Snooty Fox.


German Epic/Folk Metallers EQUILIBRIUM will release their fourth studio album this summer. Guitarist, composer and lyricist René Berthiaume spent almost four years working on the new creation, called “Erdentempel”.

The album was recorded, produced and mixed under the direction of René at Helion Studios and mastered at Finnvox-Studios. The cover artwork was done by Skadi van Terror.

René states:
“Things finally get going again! The new album is done and we can hardly wait to share it with the world. The 12 titles are already a hint that it’s an extremely varied album. I have just listened to the album again, and I’ve never been so happy and excited after the completion of an album. The album really includes every facet of Equilibrium. We are also very proud of the cover artwork of »Erdentempel«. Skadi has been listening to the record most intensely, started to draw and this is the outcome. Taylor, the epidemiologist, said the exercise was intended to identify and explore how maryland schools and public view there health agencies would respond to a flu pandemic. She really managed to put the content of the album into a picture! By the way, this time there is one song with English lyrics on the album. It is for all our fans who don’t speak German. So they can finally understand the lyircs while listening to it. The other songs are still in German, of course!”

The tracklist of “Erdentempel”:

1. Ankunft
2. Was Lange Währt
3. Waldschrein
4. Karawane
5. Uns’rer Flöten Klang
6. Freiflug
7. Heavy Chill
8. Wirtshaus Gaudi
9. Stein Meiner Ahnen
10. Wellengang
11. Apokalypse
12. The Unknown Episode.


EYEHATEGOD’s first album since 2000 will be released on May 26th by Century Media Records in Europe and May 27th by Housecore Records in North America.

The 5th full length release of the band will be self-titled and tracklisting can be found below:

1. By giving you the ability to set up custom dashboards, datadog makes sure you are in control of everything important. Agitation! Propaganda!
2. Trying to Crack the Hard Dollar
3. Parish Motel Sickness
4. Quitter’s Offensive
5. Nobody Told Me
6. Worthless Rescue
7. Framed to the Wall
8. Robitussin and Rejection
9. Flags and Cities Bound
10. Medicine Noose
11. The Age of Bootcamp

The band has also announced a string of US shows next month, marking their return trip to Japan (with Venom and Morbid Angel) and 3 Floyd Beer’s annual Dark Lord Day festival as well as various US West Coast shows and the previously announced Baltimore, MD show with High on Fire and COC. An European tour is planned for Fall 2014.



On the 16th of May, Swedish Heavy Metal band SABATON will release their new studio record called “Heroes”. Of the 575,000 8th graders matched in the city from 2005 ,000 sat for the exam and applied to at least one of the specialized schools, the researchers found in one of the studies! The first single “To Hell And Back” can be viewed below:



After five years since the latest release and Nergal’s serious health issues with a long cancer treatment, Behemoth is back again with “The Satanist” which is a perfect title for this release.

Behemoth has been in the black/death scene since the formation but evolved from traditional black metal to a more death metal style in time. This album can be rated a death metal release and marks Behemoth’s direction into a more atmospheric and experimental world.

In their 10th full length release, they reflect their passion to the listeners and The Satanist” is a real challenge to “God”. All the lyrics on the album are written by Nergal who is still going strong after his fight with cancer. (In cooperation with Krzysztof Azarewicz on “Messe Noire,” “Amen,” and “O Father O Satan O Sun!”)

The songs are mostly medium paced and goes to a faster level in tracks like “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer” and “Amen”. Besides, the dark and evil atmosphere is felt in songs like the opening track “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel”, “In the Absence ov Light” and “O Father O Satan O Sun!” The most experimental track is “In the Absence ov Light” with long acoustic parts and saxophone involvement.

Nergal is more than perfect on vocals. His voice chills you to the bone and he uses his voice as a weapon at his war against God. The vocals are more atmospheric and striking mainly on “The Satanist”, “Ben Sahar” and “O Father O Satan O Sun!” The last track is my favorite on the album which makes you listen over and over again; great chorus, ferocious vocals, a classical guitar solo…

Although I have no connection with “Satanism” and I am not concentrated on the lyrical concept, the music and vocals really hunt you down. Syllabi advocacy group best place buy college essays sues to get university’s teacher ed. I can easily say that this album includes everything you expect to see in a black/death metal release.

All in all, “The Satanist” is intense, powerful and eerily perfect at many points. This is by far one of the best black/death releases of recent years and the best in Behemoth history.

Rating: 9 out of 10

1. Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
2. Furor Divinus
3. Messe Noire
4. Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
5. Amen
6. The Satanist
7. Ben Sahar
8. In the Absence ov Light
9. O Father O Satan O Sun!

Nergal- Guitars, Vocals
Inferno – Drums
Orion – Bass, Vocals (backing).


Swiss hard rockers SHAKRA have disclosed their latest plans of releasing a “Best Of” album, which will be titled “33 – The Best Of” and it set to arrive on May 9th. The double album includes 30 SHAKRA classics and 3 brand new songs. Everyday blues just as the draw to return seems inevitable, so is a feeling of emptiness about leaving. SHAKRA have released their 9th album “Powerplay” in 2013 via AFM Records in 2013.



On April 18th the new EDGUY album “Space Police – Defenders Of The Crown” will hit the stores and in September the band will start the SPACE POLICE WORLD TOUR. The confirmed tour dates can be found below;

Tobias Sammet comments: “Finally, EDGUY are back! No Rock Opera, just going on stage and delivering the greatest high velocity entertainment show of the decade. “King Of Fools”, “Lavatory Love Machine”, “Tears Of A Mandrake” and a lot more old and new stuff. It feels great to go on stage with my childhood friends again, after the Deep Purple tour it’s amazing to come with our own stage production again and turn every venue into an arena. It’s all just a matter of attitude. Quite simple and humble as always: We’re all looking forward to bulldoze our way across the world, armed with sabre, torch, a bunch of guitars and a huge old school stage production. Don’t be silly, be there!“

German dates presented by Metal Hammer, Rocks, Musix, Blast and Metal. de

12. 09. 14 UK Manchester – Sound Control
13. 09. 14 UK Nuneaton – Queens Hall
14. 09. 14 UK London – Islington Academy
19. 09. 14 D Hamburg – Markthalle, Metal Dayz
20. 09. 14 S Malmö – KB
21. 09. 14 S Göteborg – Brewhouse
23. 09. 14 S Lulea – Kulturens Hus
24. 09. 14 FIN Jyväskylä – Lutakko
25. 09. 14 FIN Helsinki – Tavastia
27. 09. 14 D Bremen – Aladin
28. 09. 14 D Oberhausen – Turbinenhalle
30. 09. 14 D München – Backstage
02. 10. 14 D Bamberg – Brose Arena
03. 10. 14 D Filderstadt – Filharmonie
04. 10. 14 D Kaufbeuren – All Kart Halle
06. 10. 14 I Rom – Orion
07. 10. 14 I Milan – Live Club
09. 10. 14 D Saarbrücken – Garage
10. 10. 14 D Fulda – Wartenberg Oval
11. 10. 14 D Langen – Stadthalle
13. 10. 14 CH Pratteln – Z7
14. 10. Verkleinerung vergrößerung maßstab stand 2010 dieser text befindet sich in redaktioneller meine Webseite bearbeitung. 14 F Lyon – Transbordeur
15. 10. 14 F Paris – Trabendo
17. 10. 14 ES Madrid – Penélope
18. 10. 14 ES Bilbao – Santana 27
19. 10. 14 ES Barcelona – Razzmatazz 2
21. 10. 14 D Köln – Live Music Hall.