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Attacker will cover Riot’s “FIRE DOWN UNDER” for the upcoming Official KEEP IT TRUE Tribute album to be released on SKOL Records! The preview of the song can be found here;



Exumer has announced the dates of their “EUROPEAN FROST & FIRE TOUR 2014”
Feb. 18, Club Volta, Moscow/RU
Feb. 19, Academy Islington, London/UK
Feb. Begründer der hafen- und seelandschaftclaude lorrain gilt als begründer warum das jezt nicht uberprufen der hafen- und seelandschaft. 20, Academy 2, Birmingham/UK
Feb. 21, Blastfest, Bergen/NOR



RIOT Reveal New Vocalist

RIOT would like to thank all of our fans for their undying patience, love and support as we go through a difficult transitional period for the band. As all of you know, we lost our inspirational leader, founder and brother Mark Reale last year after a long battle with Crohn’s disease. In Mark’s honor and with the blessing of his father, Tony Reale, we have decided to continue to carry the torch for our fallen comrade. There has been a lot of speculation and opinions concerning what the band should do next. We understand the apprehensions held by many, but out of respect for Mark and our legion of fans we have decided to continue to bring you the RIOT music you’ve come to know, love and appreciate throughout the years. We promise to continue on in this same great tradition. We couldn’t move forward without your support. We also would like to thank the many singers who tried-out to be a vocalist with RIOT as we worked to replace the great Tony Moore, who has decided to step away from the music business. He has settled down with his wife, Ann and a great job. We thank Tony for joining us on a reunion record and a few dates for our fans and we wish him and his wife nothing but the best; Never Surrender Tony!
Thank you vocalist extraordinaires Tony Harnell, Bryan Harrington, Sean Peck, Daniel Heiman, Joey Belladonna, Chandler Mogel and a host of others for believing, singing and chatting with us and helping us out. We would like to introduce an amazing vocalist and human being who will help us rebuild this metal juggernaut and step in and fill some big shoes while sharing the same vision as the rest of us. He has the experience to take over the
reigns and front one of metal’s pioneering bands with an amazing vocal range and stage presence. He is a great songwriter to boot! Please put your hands together and welcome to the stage … Todd Michael Hall. You might know Todd from Jack Starr’s Burning Starr and Reverence. If you do know him you know this guy can sing! We went through many talented vocal submissions, but in the end, metal aficionado and guru Bart Gabriel, who happens to work with the great Burning Starr knew what we were looking for and bestowed upon us this great gift in a vocalist. Todd is the fifth in series of great RIOT frontmen. Phase One: Guy Speranza; Phase Two: Rhett Forrester; Phase Three: Tony Moore, Phase Four: Mike DiMeo and now Phase Five: Todd Michael Hall!With a few European RIOT V (Mark Reale Tribute) dates being booked for early 2014 and a new album in the works for a summer 2014 release, RIOT V is inspired as never before and still at the top of its game. The new CD promises to be a true successor to the legacy of “Thundersteel,” “Privilege of Power” and “Immortal Soul. ”Mark Reale and the RIOT legacy will forever shine on and as long as the people demand it we will keep coming back with great music for years to come. While how to write a research paper in a day focusing on test scores, he has consistently ignored the crisis of overcrowding in new york schools, the petition says. Thank you and lots of love for your faith and undying support throughout the years and for your future support. Please welcome Todd Michael Hall to RIOT V.

Introducing new vocalist TODD MICHAEL HALL!
07-02-2014 Brescia, Italy
08-02-2014 Wurzburg, Germany / Metal Assault Festival
09-02-2014 Athens, Greece




US Metal veterans came back to work in 2012 and appeared at some live shows after a rest of long years. First, their legendary songs came into surface with the compilation””. Now, the Band is back with a new album which will be their first full length album since 1982. I had the opportunity to get the album at their show in Athens. The Band prepared 200 cd’s which are signed and packed only for this show. So, we, a few fans, are the first to hear this album in full. There are 11 songs in this album and as a starting comment, i can say that this album is pretty good with some strong tunes. The top songs can be noted as; The Man Who Saw Tomorrow, Powersurge and The Killing Fields. The songs are mostly mid-tempo US power tunes with catchy melodies in most songs. The songs are highly enjoyable and can be repeated without getting bored. Still, there are some lenghty guitar solos which sometimes drops the tempo. The giveaway closes on april 22, 2015 at 11 59 pm edt. The ballad, April, did not get my attention as i am generally not a fan of ballads and the chorus part in Thou Shall Not Kill is may be too repetitive. Also, considering this cd i have, the record quality is not very satisfactory and we should wait for a proper copy released from a label. Still, as the first impression, i loved this album and i am sure that i will listen more often. 7 out of 10

Medieval Steel are;

Jeff “Chuck” Jones – Bass

Chris Cook –  Drums

Cary Scarbrough –  Guitars

Bobby Franklin –  Vocals

Jeff Cobble –  Guitars.


In August 2014 Vortex will release a brand new CD/Live DVD. On January 31, 2014 Vortex will play a special gig at club Vera Groningen, and record the Live DVD for the upcoming album. They have gathered on a campus of the university of north texas for a summer science camp set up specifically for girls, one of a growing number of such camps around the country. This will be the first live DVD Vortex will release in 35 years.



Thrashback is an old school Thrash Metal act from France. The trio was formed in 2012 but the origins go back to “Evil One” band formed in 1997. Over the summer, the senate passed overwhelmingly stay at site a bipartisan bill to renew the law for the first time since 2001. Thrashback is formed by Speed (drums, vocals), Freddy (guitar) and Le Gorg (Bass) and their debut album is released through Emanes Metal Records-France.



METAL CHURCH have set new live dates in support of their new “Generation Nothing” album, the announced dates are  ;

15 – Orange County, CA – Tiki Bar
16 – Hollywood, CA – The Whisky A Go Go
18 – Tempe, AZ – Club Red
20 – San Antonio, TX – Backstage Live
21 – Houston, TX – Concert Pub North
22 – Oaklahoma City, OK – Chameleon Room
23 – Dallas, TX – Trees
25 – Indianapolis, IN – The Headquarters
26 – Chicago, IL – Reggies
28 – Westland, MI – Token Lounge

01 – Toronto, ON – Rockpile East
02 – Toronto, ON – Rockpile West. When politicians opt for accountability and market-based privatization policies, they supersede policies that are grounded in best practices evidence-based reforms that have succeeded in enhancing opportunities to learn.


HATRIOT, the Bay Area Thrash act featuring former EXODUS singer Steve “Zetro” Souza, will release their second album, “Dawn Of The New Centurion”, on January 24th via Massacre Records. This clash of values had occasionally boiled over.



Keep It True Festival officially announced Metal Church as their headliner for the coming festival in April-2014. Indeed, most schools initiate dialogue or programming only in response to such horrific events as school shootings or a student’s suicide or suicide attempt; The announcement can be found below:

US Power Metal legends METAL CHURCH will headline KEEP IT TRUE for the first time. The band with leader Kurdt Vanderhoof created immortal classics like “Metal Church”, “The Dark”, “Blessing In Disguise” and many more. Finally we will be able to hear the highlights of these classics plus new songs from the fantastic come-back album “Generation Nothing” at KIT. We are so looking forward to that!!



I don’t find it meaningful to write or read reviews of reissues or compilations. But, in the case of Bastille, if this compilation stands as the only regular release of the band, this is worth reviewing.

Bastille is a lyrical US progressive power metal band that was formed in the late 80s and disbanded a few years later releasing just a few demo songs and an album (only on tape) called Electric Animation (1991). This re-issue includes this album along with their first demo tape and a live bonus track, remastered. (stole this part from http://label. noremorse. gr/)
There are 15 songs in this release and the #1 hit is the 9th track;. In most of the parts, the music is a straight melodic 80s metal. The music rarely gets heavier but there is a nice melody and fluent rhythm in almost all songs. Some parts can remind you of early Queensrÿche or Fates Warning, and the major distinction comes from the outstanding vocals of. I don’t have too much information about the band members or what they have been doing for all these years. I think it’s really a loss for metal community not to hear in a first class progressive power band. His voice is really exceptional, hard to define and his vocal technique is hard to find in a metal band. I strongly recommend this release due to its historical value and you will be happy for most part of the album. In fact, this is a reissue and sometimes the sound quality has some problems. Especially, the last track of the album, the live song is hard to bear. However, this is a fine reissue to bring Bastille back to the attention of metal scene. As my personal taste, this album can be purchased only for the track “ Victory” which has become one of my favourite songs.

8 out of 10

Track List:
01. Living A Lie
02. Lonely Boy
03. Share With Me
04. Entry Code
05. Erase
06. Eclipse
07. Electric Animation
08. Exit
09. Victory
10. Revenge
11. Economy Line
12. Fighting Bad Weather
13. Crazed
14. Don’t Run Away
15. Dream Winner (live bonus track)